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Jennie von Kretschmann

A journey of a thousand Li starts with a single stroke

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Who am I ?

Artist of Irish descent. 

Jennie was born in Cairo Egypt to Irish parents. 

She grew up in Africa having lived in what was at that time Northern Rhodesia and then was driven by bus with her Family to Naivasha Kenya East Africa in 1951.

Kenya at that time was a British colony and this was where she went to school and was later sent as a boarder to an English school in Devonshire to finish her education.

Jennie is married to a German man and has one beloved daughter Katya. 

The Family of three have lived in many countries, Turkey, Tunisia where her daughter was born, Morocco, Spain, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore and now resides in Paris France.  

All her life she has loved animals and nature and has always travelled with her dogs. 

My work

Jennie’s mother was an artist  

Jennie grew up with always a pen or a paintbrush at the ready.  

Jennie is self-taught and having grown up amongst animals and birds, was always able to depict creatures great and small!

In Asia her artwork flourished.

she was highly influenced by the Asian culture and did study Chinese calligraphy and art.

She also writes poetry, has written a book and continues her love with paper, pen, paintbrush and paint!

Contact me!

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