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Whilst living in Singapore ASIA in 1982, Jennie had the opportunity to photograph old Chinatown, which gave an insight into the original Chinese way of life before it vanished.

The residents of Old Singapore were second or third generation merchants and traders of post-colonial times.

The Photography portfolio showcases her work using her partner Nikon camera. In those times, it was difficult to photograph the Chinese residents as they did not appreciate a foreigner “stealing their souls” with a camera.

Many ancient methods such as calligraphic letters for the people who could not write and who wished to send greetings to relatives in China, sawdust images used for traditional funerals, incense making and hundred – year – old egg fermentation methods in Dragon pots were seen in the traditional shop houses, also the Indian influence of beautiful material for saris and rich spices on display, snake charmers and bold rich culture on the streets.

Old Singapore was a treasure trove of Asian tradition and multi-culture.  Her photographs are now evidence of a time past.

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