blackbird poem

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Blackbird came to Jennie’s windowsill in Paris 7ème arrondissement every day for croissant and daily Parisian gossip!

My friend

From my window I search the skies
I’m waiting for a visit
My little black bird “Twinkle Eyes”
Should come in any minute.

A small black form comes hurtling in
A squawk to greet me “Hi”
A swift glance “So what’s up for din?”
“Cake, croissant”
“Ok, fine… goodbye!”

The greedy pigeons swoop as well
They’re always on the run
My Twinkle Eyes is quick away
He knows grub’s just for one.

My neighbours as I’ve told before
Complain if birds are fed
I’ll not forsake my little friend
he can always call for more!


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