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The passing of our dearly beloved LunaBelle in Spain at the age of 14 years

Sleep well my Bindi…
Luna, Lunabelle, our Bindi…
Our little love…
tears are filling my eyes as I see your bright eyes…
Eyes that followed my every movement throughout the day and eyes that are now forever closed

Your trusting warmth, oh Bindi, words will never be able to say how much we loved you and how much we shall always miss you.

…What wonderful years we shared, from the moment you were my 60th birthday gift, until you rested, always trusting, in my arms as you left this world… Thirteen years of joy.
… Walkies for newspapers in Paris with daddy
Hiding under my shawl in the plane after the take off
How you hated your traveling bag !
So many memories, warm cuddles in bed… Just knowing you’re there…
Bindi, my dearest little quatre pat… My heart is so broken…
Sleep well little girl
We all loved you
I love you


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