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Travelog of Jennie and her daughter Katya in Kerala, India, after the passing of Glenn Wallace-Davis, Jennie von Kretschmann’s beloved brother

5TH MARCH 2011

Qatar Airways
Paris – Doha

Katya and I left Paris on the 5th March. Our trip to Kerala in the south of India was planned some months ago after my brother’s passing away.

We set off on Saturday morning at 8 o’clock to Charles de Gaulle Airport where our flight via Doha commenced…our destination Thiruvananthapuram India!


They are tight
Out of sight (thank God!)
Thick and Strong
Feel awfully wrong
But they’re selling
You’ll get no swelling
Nothing rankles
Like swollen ankles
Be damned for Vanity
Just keep your sanity!


We, that is my Katya and I
Amid people now getting exotic
Our transport into and via the sky
Wings hostesses glamourous erotic.

Aboard it’s hustle find your space
Sit down, buckle and adjust
Modern voyager of the human race
For whom adventure is a must.

To think we fly and fly and fly
Above a world so small
A little speck, a band of Life
Encircling the planet’s ball.

On on we let the wings
Their burden bear
On On as yet we know not where
At ease lulled by the engines drum
We watch small screens flicker and hum.


Human voices reach our ears
Darkness eats up the day
On screen Mecca is indicated
For the faithful there to Pray.

Saturday morning at 3am arrived at Thiruvananthapuram – Kerala. Met by the hotel driver.
The driver very smartly dressed in white and who was extremely proud to inform us that we where his first customers to be welcomed at the newly constructed terminus.



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